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Serving all surrounding counties with integrity Family owned and operated since 1940. We install all model well pumps and well Tanks. We drill 4in to 24in wells. 24hour Commercial and Residential service with no extra charge on weekends & HOLIDAYS !!!. Other services include Clean and Chlorinate wells, repair wells, irrigation wells and pumps, crisis pumps, and lift pumps. Call for a free estimate. Call us first or both lose money! 24hr service NO EXTRA CHARGES !!! Offering Senior , Military and First Responder discounts


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“On Thursday, January 8, 2015 our water stopped running in our house on one of the coldest days of the year. After calling three other local well service providers and being told they could not come out because it was too cold I contacted J&L Water Well Drilling & Well Pump Service. I spoke with Leon and he said to shut the power off to the pump first to see if it would reset and it did not. Leon said he would be out that afternoon (1-8-15) to investigate the problem. Once Leon arrived he went straight to the pressure tank and discovered the bladder in the pressure tank was damaged. The pressure tank was less than three years old and had a five year warranty. Our well pump was thirty years old and may have lasted a little while longer had the pressure tank not malfunctioned. Leon and Bobby both agreed the pressure tank needed to be replaced with a metal tank and the well pump needed to be replaced. Leon told my Wife and I we would have water the next day, Friday, January 9th. Despite the cold temperatures Leon and Bobby arrived around noon and we had running water by 3:30 that afternoon. They are very knowledgeable and helpful. We were very impressed with Leon’s experience being a fifth generation well service provider and how proud he is of his family’s business. Bobby was also extremely helpful with his knowledge, troubleshooting and recommendations. Both were honest, professional and had the highest respect for my Wife and I in understanding our urgent matter of not having water. It was reassuring to us to know that Customer Service is a #1 priority for J&L Water Well Drilling & Well Pump Service. We learned more about properly maintaining our water system from Leon and Bobby in a few hours than we ever knew was available. Follow up was excellent! Integrity and Professional, we will use and recommend J&L Water Well Drilling & Well Pump Service again.”
- Richard S.
“Leon came out to fix my well that stopped working. It was an old well dug in 1939 evident from the paperwork I got with the house. Turns out it was Leon's grandfather that did it. I gave him the paperwork from 1939 and he said he was going to frame it!!!! Anyways he did an excellent job. Because it was so old it got stuck many times, and as a result many lesser people/companies would have gave up and advised to dig a new well. They got it out after a couple days and the well is working perfectly. He said it is a well built well and should last another 80 years! Pricing was extremely fair and the education was invaluable. Thank you LEON!!!”
- Andrew Krier
“Hire J & L for your well services! They do a great job, clean up follow up after they finish, and don’t give up if you have issues until YOU are fully satisfied. They’re prices are great and they look for the least expensive solution. P.S. Leon works best if you give him a cup of Columbian Coffee. ?”
- Roger Coulter
“Leon came out to evaluate why we were having such poor water pressure. He replaced our pressure tank and was so thorough in assessing our complete system and providing support in ensuring that we knew everything we needed to know to keep our system functioning at a high level. Pricing was very reasonable and we will be using J and L for all of our future well water needs.”
- Timothy Cooper
“It was freezing and we had no water. We called a few places but just didn't get a good feel. Most places acted like they were doing you a favor to provide service. When we called J&L there was definitely a different feel. They actually did troubleshooting on the phone with us! These guys are the real deal. They will take you through the process and you will end up being a satisfied customers. They know their stuff! It feels good to know we have a company we can rely on and if we or anyone else has this type of problem this is who we will recommend.”
- Susan Tork
“I am very pleased with J & L service. I have well water and there were no water coming to the house. They came out the same day I called to give me an estimate and the next day to fix my well water issue. The water pressure is better than before. No one else I called could offer the same warranty they have. My Well water had stop the next day due to a different issue and they came straight over to fix the issue. I am very surprised by their service and glad that I stumbled across them on google. Thank you J & L Service you guys are awesome!!”
- Mei Lin Kwok
“These guys helped my family and we can't thank them enough. I'm grateful for their honesty, professionalism, hard work, and their obvious passion for what they do. Everything but the casing was replaced, and their price was very reasonable. They called to follow up, twice so far, and even offered to help me move my water heater to have more room between systems - at no charge. Leon also went out of his way to explain things to me thoroughly. They obviously take pride in doing things right. Call them first and you won't regret that decision.”
- Joel Young
“My daughter, who had recently lost her husband, began having water pump problems. On the day we called this company they came out, assessed the problem and arrived early the next morning after obtaining the necessary parts. Work was done in a very timely manner and fair pricing. We are pleased with our association with this caring company.”
- Esther Moussette
“These guys know their stuff! We had a 63 year old pump go out! When others wanted to drill a new well for who knows how much, Leon and his workers assured us they could put a new submersible pump in the old well and we'd have cleaner water and more pressure than we'd had before. They were telling the truth! While it did take longer than expected, due to weather and other unforeseen circumstances, Leon and his crew came through for us. We now have cleaner water and more pressure and as an added bonus, no more pump noise in the house! Leon also has been checking up on us this week to make sure everything is in working order with the well, pump and water. We would recommend them for any pump or well service needed!”
- Nina E.
“We had our well pump go out on Saturday night. Called Sunday morning at 7 am and spoke to Leon and he said he would be at our house about 9. They were. Assessed the situation and explained in good detail what the problem was and the solution. Did a great job and with extra fixes at no charge. Very pleased.”
- Gayle K.
“After consulting about eight different Well Pump Repair companies, I found J & L Wells Services and Well Pump Repair to be the most reasonable in comparison to others regarding pricing. J & L does not charge a service fee to come out and trouble shoot the problem. They were very quick to reply to my phone call, very professional and knowledgeable of their profession. I referred their services to my mother and neighbors; they too said the same about their overall experience with the services provided. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED OVER ALL THE OTHERS!!!!!!”
- Rosemary Blanchard
“Leon was really helpful when I couldn’t be there to deal with my Mother’s repair. He kept in contact with me. kept the price reasonable and finished when he said he would. She’s older and I’m out of state. So nice to know there are good people who can help her and do a great job without me having to take off work and travel. Highly recommend!!!!”
- Amanda H.
“I highly recommend J&L mechanical well pump service company. I am 70 years-old and had the need for well pump and tank services many times over the years. All our many homes of had Wells. Our 1st need for well service at this home which we've lived in for 7 years was several months ago when lightning hit our well-and burned-out the pump motor. I call J&L about 10:00 p.m. that same night they answered the phone immediately and were at my house at 10:00 a.m. the next morning. It was a very hot day but they still had a new pump installed cleaned and chlorinated and the well back in service by mid afternoon that same day. I found the pricing to be very reasonable and found out a few days later that my next door neighbor who had a similar service done by a different company-paid significantly more money. Yesterday afternoon which was August 14th I realized we had a problem with a pressure tank as it was rapidly losing pressure with no water usage in the house. I call J& L and they arrived at my house at 11:00 a.m. the next morning to make the repair. Again the pricing was very reasonable. I will never shop for another well service company again and as I said earlier I would highly recommend them to anyone.”
- Russell Worth
“I actually called J&L second after our well pump died--but if I'd called them first, I'd have saved a lot of money and had my water back at least a day sooner! After the other guys (the ones with lots of billboards, but this isn't about them) broke my system and tried to bill me for it, Leon and his crew came the next day and replaced my pump AND fixed the other guys' damage, for the same money the first company quoted me for just the pump! (And unlike the other guys, he didn't try to rack-up our bill by selling us stuff we didn't need.) So I'd have saved about $500 if I'd called J&L first! On the phone, Leon might come across a little gruff, but don't let that give you the wrong idea--in person he's a very nice guy, and from the moment he shows up he's "a man on a mission" until he's got your job done. I've recommended him to all my friends/coworkers who have wells. In a business that's got some shady people, Leon did right by us, and we'll never call anyone else.”
- Jason B.
“Leon presented a courteous and polite demeanor. He quickly gave an estimate of the total bill. The well was beyond a simple repair (The previous owner tried to repair it and failed.). The service took several days due to specialized parts to correct the previous failed attempt by whoever. When the parts arrived, Leon and his crew went to work. The project lasted several days due to weather restraints. The well was restored and with water pressure that city-water users envy. I highly recommend J & L Well Service & Pump Repair. I received service and dedication that homeowners need for the more difficult repairs.”
- David Duggar
“These guys are just the best! My water pressure disappeared completely over the Thanksgiving Holiday...Leon & Roger came out that same evening, diagnosed the problem, replaced the switch immediately & got my water back. I needed a new well pump too, ( I think it was the original 50 year old pump) and they were quick to help, explained everything, super polite, dependable!! These guys are great...I can't say enough!! If you want old-fashioned honesty, dependability and excellent Leon!!!”
- Karen B.
“Leon is like a bull dog when it comes to fixing your well. He does not stop until it is done 100%! He came on a Sunday and quickly diagnosed the problem, then when it was discovered that the ancient under ground pipe had cracked, proceeded with what turned out to be a much longer job, then he cleaned, and cleaned my ironed up well. When others wpuld have slapped the pump in and said it was fixed, he ensured me he would not be done until my water was clear, clear, clear. Even after being done. He called to make sure all was well, and said not to hesitate if I had ANY questions or concerns. He has decades of knowledge, a generous spirit, and is a hard is his employee Tim (20 years as well man) who was right in there working to restore my water. The teacher...Trish D”
- Trish D.
“Very quick to help us with our well. After talking with him I felt very comfortable getting his expert service. Everything was explained well and his many years of experience in this field made it obvious to me he knew what he was doing. Both men on the job were very nice. I trusted them both to do a great and most excellent job for me and that when they were done I would no longer have the problem. Should I ever have a well problem again I will most assuredly call him.”
- Verna B.
“Super happy with these guys. They were very responsive, took extra time to ensure the well was cleaned out, disinfected, and flowing correctly. Explained exactly what they were doing and why, and worked with me on price. They were prompt and had the work done quickly and efficiently and then stayed for quite awhile checking out things inside the house, flushing the system, setting the water softener, and coaching us on how what to expect. They even called back a couple more times to check on how things were going. Leon is a 5th generation well contractor and his knowledge and experience really comes through. I REALLY wish I'd called these guys instead of C&J a few years ago!”
- Tim M.
“They don't make guys like this anymore. One of a kind. Leon came HIGHLY recommended through our neighborhood association out in Schildmeier Village in New Pal and we were not disappointed. Water pressure issues from an old well that had been worked on several times before. Leon fixed it for good and at the most unbelievable cost. Without question I would recommend Leon for any job related to water! Well drilling, well pumps and service, irrigation, sump pumps, pressure tanks - this guy knows his stuff and shoots straight. Trustworthy and hard working. The guy knows his stuff and his associate is right there with him - Bob! I appreciated your work too! It is good to be able to trust a contractor. Like seeing a unicorn. There just aren't any out there like this guy. Thanks Leon !”
- Deno W.
“Leon was wonderful to work with!! He helped me get my grandparents well pump up & running the day I called him. He was great with keeping me in the loop and followed through with everything he promised!!”
- Jennifer P.
“J & L were fantastic! Nothing worse than waking up with no water from any faucets in your house. I was concerned with the cold weather, and it being a Friday that I may not get someone until the following week. However, when I called them this morning, they were able to come right out, diagnose the situation, and replace my well pump within a couple of hours, and at a very reasonable price! Thank you J & L. I will definitely refer you to others and use you again in the future!”
- R. Couch
“Leon was very nice and helpful. My well pump went out and he came out the same day and took care of the issue. He went above and beyond to make sure I understood what he was doing and was affordable also. I would definitely recommend this business to anyone needing well service!”
- Kristen B.
“When our church had well issues, we called J&L. They had just done work for them and got rave reviews. Their work and customer service did not disappoint. In fact, Leon and his assistants fixed our problem quickly and demonstrated their extensive knowledge of their field. We would recommend J&L to anyone needing service on a well.”
- Greg A.
“Leon is awesome! He is a man of his word and truly wants to make his customers happy. We called him on a Saturday afternoon and he was out to assess the problem within an hour. Try getting that kind of service with another company...doesn't happen! Thanks to Leon and his team we now have our well/pump fixed and AWESOME water pressure. 110% satisfied customer. Highly recommend!”
- Mary M.
“Leon is an honest and dependable business man. He and his crew were amazing! Leon walked me through the whole process and had an unbeatable price. They got the work done in one day. The results were exactly what Leon said they would be. Our well, pump, pressure tank, and water have not been this great in a LONG time. Thanks J & L!”
- Tara W.
“I come home from work last night to no water so I called some numbers in yellow pages last night and left some messages. I got a return call from Leon this morning at 5am. I ran the kids to my moms to get ready and when I got back him and Bobby were already there checking out my problem. Even though it just ended up being some parts I needed they still went and got them and worked in the pouring rain putting them on. I am so thankful for J&L and coming to my rescue”
- Bella S.
“I just wanted to take the time out to give special thanks to J&L for all their hard work and dedication to get me and my family water asap. It took them almost 2 days but they was out there from sun up to sun down until it was fixed. I knew from my first conversation I had with Leon I made a good decesion by contacting them. I was scared because my pump was very old and I figured that it was gonna be a problem but Leon assured me they would get it fixed and me and my family water and they did!! Thanks J&L I know who to call and who to recommend others call if they have any problems. A very satisfied and grateful customer.”
- Lisa R.
“I am soo grateful that my friends recommended me to contact J&L. I had busted pipes and my pump went out in the snow storm we had recently. I tried some other numbers but didnt receive any answer so a few friends of mine recommended I give Leon a call and Im soo glad I did. Not only did Leon answer but him and Bobby came straight out the first thing that morning and worked all day in the freezing cold to make sure we had water. They got everything fixed and me and my husband couldn't of been happier. Thank you J&L for the prompt, dependable, and hardworking services you provided. I would strongly recommend you to anyone. Extremely Grateful!”
- Shelly V.
“I was extremely satisfied with the professionalism and service provided by Leon and his crew. My well pump went out late Tuesday night and Leon came out first thing Wednesday morning. They worked in the sub zero temperatures and did an excellent job. I would highly recommend J&L for any good pump needs. Thanks, Leon, appreciate everything!!!”
- Jake Z.
“Leon located and replaced our well pump and well trol tank quickly and efficiently. He was one of the best repair people we have ever had. Great service. The price was good and I would highly recommend him.”
- Tim W.
“J and L did a great job in replacing our pump and explained everything to us. Our water pressure has never been this good in the 30 years we lived here.”
- Pame N.


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